Commercial Law 4th edition

Commercial Law provides concise commentary on not only the traditional areas of law that fall within this area, but also other areas of law which are most relevant to commercial practice

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Commercial Law is a concise student text which considers not only the traditional areas of law that fall within its compass, but also other areas of law which, in a practical sense, are most relevant to commercial practice.

Part I of the text deals comprehensively with the fundamentals of personal property law, including ownership and possession, finding, accession, specification and intermixture. Part II covers general areas of commercial law including agency, sale of goods, consumer transactions and bailment. Written in a clear and concise manner, this text is a valuable resource for law students as well as professionals working in a number of areas of legal practice.


  • Concise and comprehensive treatment provides the reader with a thorough understanding of core principles of commercial law
  • Written by an experienced commercial law lecturer and practitioner
  • Excellent resource for law students and professionals
  • References to relevant cases and legislation

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Table of contents

Part I – The Fundamentals of Personal Property Law

The objects and nature of personal property

Ownership and possession


Accession, specification and intermixture

Part II – Commercial Law


Sale of Goods

Consumer transactions

Transfer of property and title in goods


Personal property security interests