Australian Tax 2020

Australian Tax 2020 is a text designed to fast track your tax career

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Australia has one of the most complex tax systems in the world; thus, the study of tax poses significant challenges. Australian Tax 2020 provides a clear understanding of the basics of the Australian tax system through a step-by-step approach to unravelling complex law.

It provides an overview of the legislation and explains the processes leading to a detailed analysis of the components of the tax equation. Australian Tax 2020 then builds up to a comprehensive research framework for solving complex tax problems.


  • Uses a unique three-level tax pyramid approach to demystify taxation policy and the key income tax, FBT and GST tax equations used to calculate tax payable/refundable.
  • Provides examples and problems to demonstrate how the step-by-step processes apply in the real world.
  • Problems designed for tutorials, lectures, workshops, self-learning, web-based learning and team-based learning.

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Table of contents

  1. The taxpayers and introduction

  2. Who we don’t tax, free riders and policy

  3. Income tax basics

  4. International tax

  5. Income tax accounting

  6. Ordinary income

  7. Statutory income

  8. Non-assessable income

  9. Capital gains and losses

  10. General deductions

  11. Specific deductions

  12. Deduction limitations

  13. Capital allowances

  14. Entities

  15. Superannuation and eligible termination payments

  16. Special taxpayers

  17. Anti-avoidance

  18. Fringe benefits tax

  19. Goods and services

  20. Tax planning

  21. Tax administration

  22. Taxation in practice

  23. Solving complexity