Understanding Real Property Law

Understanding Real Property Law by Karena Viglianti-Northway is an introductory-level text, designed for students in disciplines such as construction, architecture, business or real estate who need to understand property law.

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Release Date: November 01, 2015
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409340624

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This text provides a concise overview of the Australian property law system and illustrates how legal principles are applied in transactions. Engaging text and pedagogy are designed to aid student learning. Understanding Real Property Law covers all Australian jurisdictions and assumes no prior knowledge of law.


  • covers all Australian jurisdictions
  • no assumed knowledge of law
  • clear and direct writing style, broken down into concise sections

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Table of contents

  1. The Concept of Property

  2. Possession, Title and Ownership

  3. Tenure and Estates

  4. Native Title

  5. Adverse Possession of Land

  6. Doctrine of Fixtures

  7. The Torrens System

  8. Law, Equity and Priorities; Old System Title Registration

  9. Co-ownership

  10. Other Forms of Ownership

  11. Mortgages

  12. Leases

  13. Easements and Profits à Prendre

  14. Freehold Covenants