Understanding Real Property Law, 2nd edition

A clear and straightforward introduction to real property law

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409358803
Release Date: June 30, 2024
AUD$ 119.00

Product description

Understanding Real Property Law is an introductory level text designed for students and professionals in disciplines such as law, architecture, construction, business or real estate who need to understand real property law in Australia. It provides a concise overview of the Australian property law system and illustrates how legal principles are applied in transactions. The discussion covers all Australian jurisdictions and assumes no prior knowledge of law. Engaging text and pedagogy are designed to aid learning.

The second edition has been fully revised and updated throughout. Key developments include updated discussion on native title, adverse possession, fixtures and trespass to land, mortgages, the new e-Conveyancing system and recent developments in litigation against builders and others for defects in strata buildings in Australia.


• Covers all Australian jurisdictions
• Includes information on real estate industry and practice
• No assumed knowledge of law
• Clear and direct writing style
• Concise real property law text tailor-made for non-law students

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Table of contents

  • Ch 1 Real Property — Basic Concepts

  • Ch 2 Tenures and Estates

  • Ch 3 Native Title

  • Ch 4 Adverse Possession

  • Ch 5 Fixtures, Trespass to Land and Nuisance

  • Ch 6 Torrens Title

  • Ch 7 Priorities Disputes — Old System Title and Unregistered Interests in Torrens Title; Creation of Interests in Land

  • Ch 8 Co-Ownership

  • Ch 9 Strata Title and Community Title

  • Ch 10 Mortgages

  • Ch 11 Leases

  • Ch 12 Easements

  • Ch 13 Freehold Covenants