The Restraint of Trade Doctrine, 4th edition (eBook)

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An in-depth analysis of the history and current scope of the restraint of trade doctrine at common law.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409337877

Product description

This authoritative fourth edition of The Restraint of Trade Doctrine analyses the history and scope of the doctrine at common law. The work discusses not only the detailed rules associated with the doctrine but also the fundamental principles and functions which underlie their operation.

It is the essential reference tool for those involved in the day to day application of the law.


  • Written by esteemed author The Honourable JD Heydon
  • Detailed and scholarly coverage of the restraint of trade doctrine
  • Includes an historical perspective

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Table of contents

  1. An Historical Introduction

  2. Preliminary Matters

  3. Restraints’ and the Frontiers of the Restraint of Trade Doctrine

  4. Restraints on Employees: General Matters

  5. Restraints on Employees: Interests Capable of Protection

  6. Employees’ Covenants: Rules of Construction

  7. Employees’ Covenants: Reasonableness

  8. Goodwill

  9. Non-Ancillary Vertical Restraints

  10. Non-Ancillary Horizontal Restraints

  11. Miscellaneous