Technology Law: Cases, Commentary and Materials

An essential resource on technology regulation in Australia

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409353280
Release Date: February 05, 2022
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Product description

Technology Law: Cases, Commentary and Materials covers the main areas of technology law in Australia, including business, health, law enforcement, communications, intellectual property and cybersecurity. The author incorporates a carefully selected collection of extracts from articles, policy documents, cases and legislation, supported by expert commentary, to guide readers through the relevant regulatory framework. The structured approach contextualises current and future developments in this rapidly developing field. Where relevant, international issues impacting on Australian law are also examined. The integrated and topical coverage provides an accessible and highly relevant resource relating to the regulation of technology under Australian law.

The wide range of primary and secondary materials and commentary makes the book ideal for teaching and study in the area. It will also be a valuable reference for legal practitioners and the judiciary, policymakers, corporate legal officers and anyone wishing to understand how technology is regulated in Australia.


• Provides a wide range of primary materials and commentary
• Focuses on Australian law together with relevant materials from other jurisdictions
• Integrates materials and commentary across wide topic range
• Highlights topical and interesting examples

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Table of contents

  1. Technology Law

  2. Technology Regulation

  3. Privacy

  4. Law Enforcement Technology

  5. Cybersecurity

  6. Medical Technology

  7. Business Technology

  8. Communications Technology

  9. Intellectual Property

  10. Artificial Intelligence