R v Murdoch: The Falconio Case — A Study in Identification and Circumstantial Evidence

R v Murdoch: The Falconio Case presents a case study in identification and circumstantial evidence to educate and assist practitioners and students. The author provides in-depth analysis of one of the most sensational Australian trials.

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This book follows the trial of Bradley John Murdoch for the murder of Peter Falconio and the unlawful deprivation of liberty and assault of Joanne Lees. R v Murdoch was a case which heavily relied upon both identification and circumstantial evidence.

This book provides background to the case, annotations to the transcript and reproduces numerous photographs that were exhibited at trial to enable the reader to closely follow the case.

R v Murdoch is the second book in the Notable Trial Series for LexisNexis, the first book being R v Milat published by LexisNexis in 2014.


  • A unique book dedicated to a case study of technique in identification and circumstantial evidence with an Australian context.
  • An engaging insight into one of Australia’s most famous criminal cases.
  • Reproductions of photographs that were exhibits in the trial

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Table of contents

Chapter 1. The Background to the Trial

Chapter 2. Counsel for the Defence Addresses the Jury

Chapter 3. The Final Address by the Prosecutor

Chapter 4. The Trial Judge’s Summing up to the Jury

Chapter 5. The Appeals

Appendix Trial Exhibit Photographs