Medical Law and Ethics: A Problem-Based Approach (eBook)

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Medical Law and Ethics: A Problem-Based Approach offers a unique and accessible treatment of legal and ethical issues in the context of professional medical treatment.

eBook :ePub
AUD$ 132.00
Release Date: November 01, 2013
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409333541

Product description

Medical Law and Ethics: A Problem-Based Approach offers a unique and accessible treatment of legal and ethical issues in the context of professional medical treatment.

Thoughtful and challenging scenarios are used to develop a clear understanding of the complex ethical and legal considerations arising in medical practice.

In this problem-based approach, unlike many traditional commentary works in this area, readers have the opportunity to work through the issues raised in a series of patient situations. The discussion drawn from the scenarios demonstrates the relevance of key concepts in each topic and underlines their importance for both health professionals and legal practitioners. The application of leading cases and legislation is contextualised to identify their importance in appropriate decision-making and the tension for health professionals between legal and ethical behaviour is clearly presented.

Each chapter covers a different perspective in which the rights and responsibilities of medical students, health practitioners and patients are discussed. Insights are also provided into start and end of life decision-making and the ethically complex issue of organ donation.

The familiar scenario structure of the text ensures effective guidance is provided for medical and public health students and health professionals, and the engaging and topical nature of the in-depth analysis of each problem ensures law students cover all key concepts at an appropriate level.

• Covers all key legal and ethical concepts essential to the practice of health professionals and their legal advisors.
• Clear, accurate discussion of complex and challenging issues made accessible to both legal and non-legal audience.
• Offers problem-based scenarios from which identification and analysis of legal and ethical issues is drawn.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Rights and Duties of the Medical Student

Chapter 3: Rights and Duties of the Doctor

Chapter 4: Rights and Duties of the Patient

Chapter 5: Consent to Medical Treatment

Chapter 6: Privacy and Confidentiality

Chapter 7: Start of Life Decisions

Chapter 8: End of Life Decisions

Chapter 9: Organ Donation