Global Business and the Law

A multi-jurisdictional text exploring issues in international trade

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409345551
Release Date: December 05, 2020
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Product description

Global Business and the Law addresses these issues in a clear, user-friendly way, making it a valuable resource for students and business executives alike. The purpose of this text is not to turn business people into lawyers but to assist them to identify legal issues that they may encounter in international trade and know when to seek legal assistance.

Globalisation is here to stay and it is important that those engaged in international business know how the law interfaces with trade.


  • Self-contained chapters with introductions to set the scene
  • Plain English writing with a focus on demystifying the terminology of international trade and business law
  • User-friendly layout and format
  • Web addresses at the end of each chapter providing further reading

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Table of contents

Part 1- Setting the Scene

Chapter 1: Introduction to International Business Law

Chapter 2: The Business Form

Part 2 – Trade in Goods and Services

Chapter 3: Trade in Goods

Chapter 4: The International Sale of Goods

Chapter 5: Carriage of Goods

Chapter 6: Trade in Services and Labour

Chapter 7: The World Financial System

Chapter 8: Financing the Purchase of Goods

Part 3 – Other Legal Considerations

Chapter 9: Intellectual Property

Chapter 10: Foreign Investment

Chapter 11: Dispute Settlement

Chapter 12: Taxation Issues