Foundations of International Criminal Law (eBook)

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Foundations of International Criminal Law provides a well-rounded introduction to the emerging area of international criminal law.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409334555

Product description

Through his insightful and engaging commentary, the author draws each concept from the developing jurisprudence and historical record, including from personal experience as an ICTY Senior Trial Attorney.

The key influences underpinning the development of law in this area are identified and considered, including the creation and operation of the international criminal tribunals of the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, East Timor and Cambodia and the permanent International Criminal Court. The interplay of jurisdiction and state sovereignty in international criminal law is examined and its core crimes are discussed, supported by examples drawn from real-life prosecutions. The commentary also details issues pertinent to both the prosecution and defence in an international criminal law matter. Problems, activities and suggested readings supplement the text.

This highly readable work is an ideal introduction for students and other readers new to the area, while those more familiar with its issues will value the author’s perspectives on this often confronting subject-matter.


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Table of contents

  1. Origins of International Criminal Law

  2. Jurisdiction

  3. Destabilising Influences by States on International Criminal Law

  4. Due Process and the Use of Military Commissions to Enforce International Criminal Law

  5. International Criminal Tribunals as Enforcers of International Criminal Law

  6. Core International Crimes

  7. Elements of War Crimes

  8. Elements of Crimes against Humanity, Genocide and Aggression

  9. Investigation and Prosecution of International Crime

  10. The Future of International Criminal Law