Family Provision in Australia, 6th edition

An authoritative guide to the operation of family provision law in Australia

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409352382
Release Date: September 10, 2021
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Family Provision in Australia is a frequently cited text in various court judgments across all states and territories, including the High Court and Federal Court of Australia as well as the Court of Appeal-Civil Division and Chancery Division of England and Wales. It includes a comprehensive checklist, case tables, forms, precedents and extracts of relevant state and territory legislation.

Book Review - Law Society of SA | April 2022


• 88 new judgments in case tables
• New sections covering:
  o Finalising a family provision order
  o Former de facto partner/domestic partner (female)
  o Former (divorced) husband
  o Former de facto partner/domestic partner (male)
  o The National Disability Insurance Scheme
  o Relevant factors in Queensland, the ACT, Victoria, and Tasmania
  o Duty to comply with court orders and duty to administer the estate in a timely way

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Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Historical Background

  • Chapter 2 Approach to Claims Generally

  • Chapter 3 Approach in Particular Circumstances

  • Chapter 4 Particular Applicants

  • Chapter 5 Time Limits

  • Chapter 6 Duties of the Personal Representative

  • Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Considerations

  • Chapter 8 Orders

  • Chapter 9 Appeals

  • Chapter 10 Costs

  • Chapter 11 Procedure

  • Appendix I Forms and Precedents

  • Appendix II Family Provision Application Checklist

  • Appendix III Family Provision Legislation