eLearn: Statutory Interpretation – An Introduction

An interactive digital learning resource for foundation law students

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Release Date: August 17, 2020
ISBN/ISSN: 9780001562080

Product description

eLearn: Statutory Interpretation – an Introduction is an online resource that provides students of law and related disciplines with an interactive way to know, understand and practise the fundamentals of interpretation.

This digital resource provides activities that create an engaging way to improve the skills and knowledge that students acquire in their seminars and tutorials. It is designed to align with a semester course where statutory interpretation may be either a unit of study or embedded in another legal subject. It highlights the modern approach to statutory interpretation.

The resource serves as a revision and support tool. Students can stop an activity, logoff and resume at the point they last reached. Completing the reading and activities will take students 5–7 hours, depending on their level of interest and interaction with extra content such as flowcharts; how-to videos and glossaries. It is a companion resource for all foundations of law textbooks and units in which statutory interpretation is taught.


• Interactive timeline to understand England’s role in the development of Australia’s parliament
• Videos to support the practice of research skills
• Search activities that link to Federal Register of Legislation (also NSW and Victoria)
• A “hinty-bot” to provide tips on the learning journey
• Resource tab that includes useful links; downloadable documents; and a glossary of legal terms
• End of module quizzes

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Table of contents

1. The History of the Law in Australia and the Role of Statutory Interpretation

2. Understand Legislation

     a. 2.1 The Legislative Process

     b. 2.2 Life Cycle of Acts and Subordinate Legislation

     c. 2.3 Finding Legislation

3. Interpret Legislation

4. Use Statutory Interpretation to Solve Legal Problems