Criminal Processes and Investigative Procedures: Victoria and Commonwealth, 4th edition (eBook)

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Criminal Processes and Investigative Procedures: Victoria and Commonwealth, 4th edition is a practical guide to Victorian and Commonwealth criminal processes and investigative procedures

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Product description

Criminal Processes and Investigative Procedures: Victoria and Commonwealth, 4th edition explains the key aspects of the criminal processes and investigative procedures that are now extant in the Victorian and Commonwealth jurisdictions. It has a particular focus on the Criminal Procedure Act 2009 (Vic). The wide-ranging topics include the hierarchy of courts in Victoria, commencement of criminal proceedings, bail, search and seizure, forensic procedures, police questioning, identification evidence, pleas, the parameters of double jeopardy and the jury system. Expert commentary and extracts from case law and legislation are combined to develop the reader’s understanding of these important matters.

The revised and updated fourth edition also includes:

  • expanded discussion on police questioning
  • important developments relating to identification evidence
  • extensive commentary on the sweeping changes to the bail law in Victoria in 2018.

The accessible discussion makes it an important resource for students and a valuable reference for practitioners.


  • Clear and structured style
  • Jurisdiction-specific focus

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Courts Exercising Criminal Jurisdiction

  3. Commencement of Criminal Proceedings

  4. Trial of Indictable Offences

  5. Bail

  6. Search, Seizure, Forensic Procedures and Fingerprinting

  7. Police Questioning

  8. Identification Evidence

  9. The Machinery of Prosecution

  10. The Trial Process and Defence Pleadings

  11. The Jury System