Australian Trade Mark Law, 3rd edition

Australian Trade Mark Law is an essential overview of trade mark law in Australia.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409354713
Release Date: January 09, 2024
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Product description

Australian Trade Mark Law 3rd edition, provides a comprehensive overview of trade mark law in Australia. It moves beyond a purely descriptive account of existing legislation and case law to help readers to view and question the law through a critical lens. It explores the functioning of the trade mark system as well as the decisions made. As well as critically assessing how the trade mark system could work better in the future, Australian Trade Mark Law presents comparative material that illustrates how other jurisdictions deal with particular issues and problems.


• Clear, accessible guidance that follows the lifecycle of a registered trade mark
• The use of images of trade marks throughout the book to illuminate key cases and doctrines
• Written by two leaders in the field

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Table of contents

  • Tables of abbreviations

  • Table of cases

  • Table of statutes

  • Chapter 1: The Roles of the Trade Mark System

  • Chapter 2: Applying to Register a Trade Mark: Examination and Opposition Proceedings

  • Chapter 3: Signs and Their Representation

  • Chapter 4: Distinctiveness

  • Chapter 5: Other Grounds of Rejection and Opposition Not Involving Conflicts with Earlier Marks

  • Chapter 6: Conflicts with Earlier Registered Marks or Applications for Registration

  • Chapter 7: Conflicts with Earlier Marks – Other Grounds of Opposition

  • Chapter 8: Overcoming Conflicts with Earlier Marks

  • Chapter 9: The Act of Registration, and Amending, Revoking and Cancelling Registration

  • Chapter 10: Non-Use of Registered Marks

  • Chapter 11: Infringement

  • Chapter 12: Defences

  • Chapter 13: Passing Off and Consumer Protection, Part 1: The Classical Trinity

  • Chapter 14: Passing Off and Consumer Protection, Part 2: Points of Divergence

  • Chapter 15: Extended Passing Off, Special Forms of Trade Marks and Related Legal Regimes

  • Chapter 16: Exploitation of Trade Marks

  • Chapter 17: Litigation and Remedies

  • Chapter 18: The Role and Regulation of Trade Marks Attorneys

  • Index