Australian Insolvency Law: Cases and Materials

This practical text combines leading insolvency law decisions, legislation, guidelines and commentary to promote understanding of complex concepts and encourage analysis of key principles.

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Release Date: November 01, 2015
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Australian Insolvency Law: Cases and Materials by David Brown, Christopher Symes and Mark Wellard provides a concise yet comprehensive introduction to the key cases and materials of insolvency law in Australia. With a clear structure making the book easy to navigate, the explanatory approach helps students to develop the analytical and problem-solving skills necessary for successful insolvency practice. Each extract includes a summary of the most important elements: courts, facts, issue and decision. This overview is followed by the case extract itself and commentary.


  • Clear structure which makes the book easy to navigate
  • Explanatory approach and accessible style

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Personal Insolvency

Chapter 2 The bankruptcy process and its consequences

Chapter 3 The bankrupt estate

Chapter 4 Claims against the bankrupt estate

Chapter 5 Alternatives to bankruptcy

Chapter 6 Other personal insolvency matters

Corporate insolvency

Chapter 7 Receivership

Chapter 8 Voluntary administration

Chapter 9 Deeds of company arrangement

Chapter 10 Liquidation

Chapter 11 Further liquidation matters and deregistration

Chapter 12 Insolvent trading and directors

Chapter 13 Australian cross-border insolvency law