Australian Administrative Law

Australian Administrative Law provides a concise and accessible analysis of Australian administrative law principles.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409350425
Release Date: November 09, 2022
AUD$ 135.00

Product description

Australian Administrative Law aims to make Australian administrative law accessible, bringing structure and clarity to a department of law that has become increasingly complex.

The full domain of administrative law is addressed. At its core is a concise analysis of the principles applied in judicial review, supported by detailed reference to federal, state and territory case-law relating to justiciability, standing, excess and abuse of power, jurisdictional error, procedural fairness and remedies. Separate chapters are devoted to rule making, open government (including freedom of information legislation and duties to give reasons), investigative tribunals and merits review tribunals.

At the outset the constitutional framework within which administrative law operates and the theoretical underpinning for measures designed to control administrative discretion and the development of administrative law standards is explained. This provides a foundation throughout for critical reflection upon the principles.


  • Accessible, clear commentary
  • Concise and logical analysis
  • Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of administrative law
  • Addresses theoretical underpinning and constitutional framework
  • Consolidates understanding of administrative law principles

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Table of contents

  1. Theory and Accountability

  2. Constitutional Background

  3. Rules and Rule Making

  4. Open Government

  5. Investigative Tribunals

  6. Merits Review Tribunals

  7. Jurisdiction and Justiciability

  8. Standing

  9. Excess of Power

  10. Abuse of Power

  11. Jurisdictional Error and Error of Law on the Face of the Record

  12. Procedural Fairness: Implication

  13. Procedural Fairness: Content of Hearing

  14. Procedural Fairness: Bias

  15. Remedies