Advocacy in Practice, 6th edition (eBook)

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For 30 years Advocacy in Practice has been the authoritative and reliable guide to the art of advocacy.

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409342291

Product description

This highly esteemed work, now in its 30th year of publication, has once again been written by the authoritative and well-respected author James L Glissan, QC, and provides useful and practical checklists for examination, cross and address. It also details when and what objections may be taken, and constructive hints and techniques for dealing with difficult witnesses, opponents and judges.

In addition to the classic cross-examinations from great advocates of the past, there is a new chapter on extra curial advocacy, advice on managing evidence, written advocacy (including submissions, orders, affidavits, UCPR rules), Courtroom technology and AVL issues and tactics

Included by popular request the author’s original comic piece entitled ‘The Five Ages of the Bar.’


  • Authoritative author
  • Concise practical hints and advice
  • Examples and checklists

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Table of contents

  1. Basic Techniques of Advocacy

  2. Preparation and Case Analysis

  3. Opening

  4. Examination

  5. Cross Examination

  6. Re-Examination, Rebuttal and Reply

  7. Objections

  8. Closing Address

  9. Appeals

  10. Etiquette and Ethics

  11. Elements

  12. Sample Cross Examinations

  13. Extra-Curial Advocacy