Carter’s Criminal Law of Queensland, 21st edition (eBook)

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This book, extracted from the three-volume loose-leaf service Carter’s Criminal Law of Queensland, provides extensive coverage of legislation and authoritative annotations.

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Product description

Carter's Criminal Law of Queensland is the definitive resource for students, practitioners and anyone else who needs a sound understanding of the criminal law of Queensland. This book has an established reputation as an essential reference. Annotated by Judge M J Shanahan, P E Smith and S Ryan, it is an indispensable resource tool that provides comprehensive analysis and explanation of the provisions and relevant case law for students and practitioners. Its section-based structure and updated index and table of cases provide the reader with simple and quick access to the law.


• up-to-date legislation
• high quality annotations from expert authors
• easy navigation through a quick reference directory and tabs


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Table of contents

• Criminal Code Act 1899

• The Criminal Code

• Repealed and Amended Legislation

• Criminal Law Amendment Acts

• Related legislation

     o Drugs Misuse Act 1986

     o Drugs Misuse Regulation 1987

     o Bail Act 1980

     o Forms approved under the Bail Act 1980

     o Jury Act 1995

     o District Court of Queensland Act 1967 (extracts)

     o Evidence Act 1977

     o Penalties and Sentences Act 1992

     o Penalties and Sentences Regulation 2005

     o Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000

     o Police Powers and Responsibilities Regulation 2000

     o Regulatory Offences Act 1985