Australian Health Law

Comprehensive coverage of health law in Australia

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Release Date: October 01, 2018
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Australian Health Law combines detailed discussion and critical analysis of Australian health law as it relates to individual and public health matters. It offers a cohesive, in-depth examination of health law at local, state and national levels, while also reflecting upon broader global considerations. The comprehensive coverage includes discussion of the underpinning influences and principles relevant to health law, the law regulating Australia's health care system, health care practitioner regulation, key legal principles relevant to the patient-practitioner relationship, and health law in the context of the beginning of life, throughout the life course, and ending of life. Meticulously researched, this book is an invaluable resource for scholars, students and practitioners on Australian health law.



• Clear and accessible content
• Comprehensive discussion
• Addresses both legal and ethical issues
• Covers all Australian jurisdictions


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Table of contents

Pt 1: Health Law: Scope, Influences and Perspectives

1. Introduction

2. The Ethics of Health Care

3. Health and Human Rights

Pt 2: Understanding Australia’s Health System

4. The Australian Health Care System

5. The Regulation of Health Care Practitioners

Pt 3: Key Principles of Health Law

6. Consent to Health Care Treatment

7. Harm Arising from Health Care Treatment: Negligence

8. Duties and Rights Associated with Health Care Information

Pt 4: Health Law in Context: The Beginning of Life

9. Pre-Conception, Conception and Birth

10. Assisted Reproduction

Pt 5: Health Law in Context: Health Matters Relevant Throughout the Life Course

11. Public Health Law

12. Mental Health Law

13. Organ, Tissue and Blood Donation

14. Research Involving Human Participants and Materials

Pt 6: Health Law in Context: The End of Life

15. The Ending of Life: Adults

16. The Ending of Life 2: Minors

Pt 7: Conclusion

17. Conclusion