Criminal Defences in Australia, 5th edition

A well respected and widely cited analysis of the defences available in answer to criminal offences in all jurisdictions of Australia.

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Release Date: December 01, 2016
ISBN/ISSN: 9780409339062

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Criminal Defences in Australia is a well-respected work on the market, and has been cited and referred to in practitioner and academic circles.

Extensively revised and updated, Criminal Defences in Australia (5th edition) provides a comprehensive analysis of the defences to criminal prosecutions both at common law and under statute in all jurisdictions of Australia. The various defences are described in detail, together with the circumstances under which they can be raised and how several defences can be combined. The inter-relationship of the defences is also fully explored, with an eye to jurisdictional differences. It also includes additional analysis of Infanticide and Infancy as well as touching upon the Commonwealth Criminal Code.


  • Authoritative, scholarly and comprehensive
  • Unique approach to criminal defences - the focus of the work rather than incidental to coverage of offences
  • Cited in Australian courts and overseas

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Table of contents

  1. Criminal Defences: An Overview

  2. Mistake of Fact

  3. Ignorance and Mistake of Law

  4. Claim of right

  5. Consent

  6. Necessity or Emergency

  7. Impossibility

  8. Duress, Compulsion and Coercion

  9. Superior Orders

  10. Defensive Force

  11. Provocation

  12. Domestic Abuse

  13. Intoxication

  14. Insanity

  15. Automatism

  16. Diminished Responsibility

  17. Infanticide

  18. Infancy