Contract Law – Text and Cases, 2nd edition

Principles of contract law illustrated by relevant extracted case law

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409342628
Release Date: June 30, 2016
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Contract Law — Text and Cases combines comprehensive academic commentary with extracts from key cases. It aims to give students the essential knowledge and skills in contract law to succeed in a law degree and in professional practice.

This book has been specifically designed to blend the traditional textbook and casebook models in a single book. The text is supplemented with review questions, problem-solving practice, and key points for revision.


  • Each chapter has an overview
  • Mid-chapter review questions
  • Chapter content illustrated by relevant extracted case law
  • Key points for revision of each chapter
  • Problem solving practice question and answer guide for each chapter

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Table of contents

  1. An Introduction to law school

  2. Theories of contract law

  3. Offer

  4. Acceptance

  5. Consideration

  6. Capacity to contract

  7. Intention to create legal relations

  8. Certainty and completeness

  9. Estoppel

  10. Formalities

  11. Express terms

  12. Construing Terms

  13. Implied Terms

  14. Privity of contract

  15. The doctrine of frustration

  16. Misrepresentation

  17. Misleading or deceptive conduct

  18. Unconscionable conduct

  19. Undue influence

  20. Duress

  21. Unfair contract terms

  22. Mistake

  23. Termination for breach

  24. Discharge of contract by performance and agreement

  25. Common law remedies

  26. Equitable remedies