Company Law: Theories, Principles and Applications, 2nd edition

Company Law: Theories, Principles and Applications, 2nd ed offers an accessible framework for analysing and application of Australian company law

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409339338
Release Date: February 28, 2015
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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409339345
Release Date: November 30, 2014
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Product description

Jason Harris' Company Law: Theories, Principles and Applications 2nd edition provides a practical framework to critically analyse and apply the fundamentals of modern Australian company law. In this new edition, the author combines an authoritative and approachable style to discuss the history of corporate law and draws on a range of theories, both established and new. It expands on the first edition's discussion of corporate liability with new examples including directors’ duties, PPSA reforms from 2012 and continuous disclosure guidance notice from the ASX.

It also includes updated case law commentary on several important litigation cases involving James Hardie, FMG, The Bell Group as well as important case law developments in lifting the corporate veil s1322 and s1324, the senate inquiry into the performance of ASIC and the interim report of the Murray Financial System Inquiry. It also continues to offer practical case studies and examples as well as reading lists, discussion questions, flowcharts, mind maps and concise case extracts that emphasise the key elements in important cases.

The book includes practical examples to demonstrate company law in action — bringing the principles of the law to life. Jason Harris’ updated text encourages readers to critically assess the scope and limitations of the legislative model through the analysis of the core concepts in a real world context. Applying different theoretical perspectives, he outlines the main ideas and provides the tools to understand corporations law in the contemporary environment, while considering future developments of the law in Australia.

This review was first published in ETHOS – Journal of the ACT Law Society June 2015 – Issue 236.


Links corporate theory to corporate practice, Adopts a cross disciplinary focus to the study of corporate law, Excerpts from key cases demonstrate the application and interpretation of corporate law in Australia, Written in a clear and concise style that speaks directly to the reader


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Table of contents

  1. The context of company law

  2. The regulatory framework

  3. What is a company?

  4. Corporate personality

  5. Corporate liability

  6. Internal management rules and meetings

  7. Shares and shareholders

  8. Managing the corporation

  9. The duty of care and diligence

  10. Acting in good faith and for a proper purpose

  11. Misappropriation of corporate opportunities and secret profits

  12. Avoiding conflicts

  13. Members’ remedies

  14. Corporate finance

  15. Disclosure obligations

  16. Financial services regulation

  17. Corporate insolvency and restructuring