Focus: Administrative Law, 3rd edition

Focus - Administrative Law highlights principles, practices and institutions that provide mechanisms for supervision, regulation and structuring of the exercise of executive power of the government.

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Release Date: November 01, 2014
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The aim of Focus - Administrative Law is to simplify this complex area of law by highlighting the principles, practices and institutions that provide mechanisms for the supervision, regulation and structuring of the exercise of the executive power of the government.

The text focuses on Commonwealth law, but reference is made to State and Territory law where it is significantly different. The book highlights the core areas of administrative law, merits and judicial review. It also examines how people can gain access to government information and discusses the organisational and political controls over administrative behaviour.

Sample problems and suggested answers at the end of chapters are designed to test knowledge by reference to hypothetical scenarios calling for legal analysis.


  • chapter objectives
  • flowcharts, tables and diagrams
  • sample problem with suggested resolution for each chapter
  • further tutorial discussion questions
  • suggested further reading

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Table of contents

Part 1:Introduction

Introduction to Administrative Law

Part 2:Challenging Administrative Decisions – Merits Review

The Form and Nature of Merits Review Systems

Merits Review: Procedure

Part 3:Challenging Administrative Decisions – Judicial Review

The Judicial Reviewability of Administrative Action

Access to Judicial Review

Rule-making and Administrative Powers

Discretionary Powers


Judicial Review of the Merits?

Grounds of Review: The Implication of Procedural Fairness

Grounds of Review: The Rules of Procedural Fairness

Relief for Unlawful Action

Part 4:Access to Information

Understanding Decisions: The Right to Reasons

Access to Information

Part 5:Other Avenues of Accountability

The Ombudsman

Other Procedures for Controlling Administrative Behaviour

Part 6:Choice of Forum

Choice of Forum