Family Provision in Australia, 5th edition (Hardback)

Family Provision in Australia 5th edition is an easy-to-use, practical guide for legal practitioners detailing the practice and procedure of family provision law on a state-by-state basis.

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It is difficult to imagine a body of law more sensitive to changes in our society than the law of family provision. This highly anticipated Fifth Edition has been completely reviewed and updated with a further 250 cases considered. The existing concise case tables have been expanded to include new tables covering small estates, De Facto widowers, foster children and same sex partners. This edition also includes new sections dealing with special disability trusts, summary dismissal and Crisp orders.

Essential reading for all practitioners, teachers and students involved in this challenging area of the law.


  • Authoritative and detailed
  • National application
  • Concise case tables for multiple topics

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Table of contents

  1. Historical Background

  2. Approach to Claims Generally

  3. Approach to Particular Circumstances

  4. Particular Applicants

  5. Time Limits

  6. Duties of the Personal Representative

  7. Miscellaneous Considerations

  8. Orders

  9. Appeals

  10. Costs

  11. Procedure

Appendix I - Forms and Precedents

Appendix II - Family Provision Application Checklist