Tannan's Banker's Manual

Publisher: LexisNexis India

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Release Date: January 01, 2011
ISBN/ISSN: 9788180386893

Product description

Publisher: LexisNexis India

-An ideal reference work on Banking and Allied Acts
-Most comprehensive, authoritative commentary on banking law and practice in India
-Updated texts of all banking Statutes, Acts, Rules, Regulations, Schemes, NBFC?s (RBI) Directions and Allied Laws with Footnotes, Legislative History, Notes and Comments
-Summary of recommendations of Committee Reports including the following Committees:
-Tandon Committee (Lending system)
-Shere Committee (Electronics funds transfer & electronic payments)
-Narasimham Committee (Banking sector reforms)
-Naik Committee (Institutional credit)
-High Level Committee on Lead Bank Scheme (LBS) 2009
-Volume 1 contains 76 chapters covering important topics including the salient features relating to the banking system in India, functions of commercial banks and an overview of the global banking institutions
-Volume 2 contains 110 appendices providing full text of all banking statutes, rules, regulations, orders, schemes, circulars and allied laws including the State Bank of India (Amendment) Act, 2010 with notes & comments
-Detailed discussion on the constructive role of the IMF, the World Bank and the International Development Association (IDA) in dealing with the Global banking and financial crisis and the sub-prime crisis
-An exclusive chapter on the impact of global financial crisis in India
-Contains exhaustive case-law on important legislation like:
-Securitisation (SARFAESI) Act, 2002
-Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRT) Act, 1993
-Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881
-Banking Regulation Act, 1949
-Citation with party names and cross citation from other journals
-Important cases have been taken from All India Reports (AIR), Supreme Court Cases
(SCC), Banking cases and other State journals
-Contains latest case law as enunciated by the Supreme Court, various High Courts, and Debt Recovery Tribunals
-Contains a glossary of Banking Terminology
-An exclusive chapter on important & frequently asked questions on banking law and practice