LexisNexis Study Guide: Torts, 4th edition

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Release Date: May 28, 2021
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• Simplify your exam study with the key cases and commentary
• Remember more with short and concise paragraphs and bullet-pointed summaries
• Make open-book exams easier with this compact and portable text

The LexisNexis Study Guide series is designed to assist law students with the foundations for effective, systematic exam preparation and revision.

Each chapter clearly identifies and explains the pertinent and often difficult topics within Torts law. The most important and recent cases are summarised to consolidate practical understanding of the theoretical concepts.


• Includes key cases and commentary
• Covers all topics usually found in a core Torts unit
• Information written in short and concise paragraphs, tables and bullet-pointed summaries and includes examples to illustrate theory in practice
• Assists students to understand and retain key principles
• Compact and portable
• Great for open book exams

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Table of contents

  • Ch 1 Introduction to Torts

  • Ch 2 Negligence: Duty of Care

  • Ch 3 Negligence: Breach of Duty

  • Ch 4 Negligence: Causation

  • Ch 5 Defences to Negligence

  • Ch 6 Vicarious Liability

  • Ch 7 Trespass to Land

  • Ch 8 Trespass to the Person

  • Ch 9 Intentional Torts to Goods

  • Ch 10 Defences to Intentional Torts

  • Ch 11 Nuisance

  • Ch 12 Breach of Statutory Duty

  • Ch 13 Defamation

  • Ch 14 Remedies in Tort