Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia: Cases & Commentary, 8th edition

Comprehensive coverage of criminal law in Queensland and Western Australia

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ISBN/ISSN: 9780409347388
Release Date: June 01, 2018
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Criminal Law in Queensland and Western Australia: Cases & Commentary, 8th Edition covers the Criminal Codes of Queensland and Western Australia and other significant state and Commonwealth legislation, together with law related decisions of the courts. The case extracts and commentary provide essential reading for students and are a convenient and authoritative reference for practitioners.

The 8th edition has been fully revised and updated. Important recent decisions discussed in this edition include:

  • R v Dookheea (2017 — HCA): re-examination of the concept of reasonable doubt
  • Koani v R (2017 — HCA): whether a person can be convicted of murder due to an unwilled act
  • TB v SOWA (2015 — WASCA): reasonable foreseeability of death following chase of a victim
  • Zaburoni v R (2016 — HCA): whether evidence of intent in transmission of HIV through frequent unprotected sex
  • Sgarlata v SOWA (2015 — WASCA): knowledge necessary to prove possession of illicit drug
  • Lindsay v R (2015 — HCA): what may amount to provocation sufficient to be left to a jury?
  • Police v Dunstall (2015 — HCA): the fairness discretion and unlawfully obtained evidence
  • Alqudsi v R (2016 — HCA): whether trial by judge alone is available for federal offences
  • Filippou v R (2015 — HCA): meaning of 'substantial miscarriage of justice’
  • R v Pham (2015 — HCA): consistency in sentencing.


  • Clear and succinct analysis
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Jurisdiction-specific for Queensland and Western Australian students and practitioners

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Table of contents

Part 1 Introductory Matters

Chapter 1 The Structure of Criminal Law

Chapter 2 Persuasive and Evidentiary Burdens

Part 2 Offences

Chapter 3 Homicide

Chapter 4 Murder and Manslaughter

Chapter 5 Assaults and Injuries

Chapter 6 Sexual Violence

Chapter 7 Property Offences

Chapter 8 Drug Offences

Chapter 9 Commonwealth Offences

Part 3 Defences

Chapter 10 The Role and Range of Defences

Chapter 11 Lack of Will and Accident

Chapter 12 Mistake of Fact

Chapter 13 Ignorance of Law

Chapter 14 Self-Defence and Other Defensive Force

Chapter 15 Provocation

Chapter 16 Compulsion, Emergency and Medical Necessity

Chapter 17 Insanity, Automatism, Diminished Responsibility

Chapter 18 Intoxication

Part 4 Participation in Offences

Chapter 19 Inchoate Liability

Chapter 20 Secondary Liability

Chapter 21 Capacity to Commit Offences

Part 5 Criminal Procedure

Chapter 22 Principles of Criminal Procedure

Chapter 23 Entrapment and Controlled Operations

Chapter 24 Search, Seizure, Surveillance and Identification

Chapter 25 Arrest, Bail and Investigative Procedures

Chapter 26 Questioning and Confessions

Chapter 27 Charges and Prosecutions

Chapter 28 Committals and Trials

Chapter 29 Verdicts

Chapter 30 Appeals

Part 6 Consequences of Conviction

Chapter 31 Sentences and Other Orders